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I don’t really like cleaning, but I really like a good cleaning trick! Tips & tricks can make all the difference when you’re toiling away, trying to spruce up the house. I’ve compiled some truly life changing cleaning tips & tricks that you won’t believe you hadn’t thought of. Get ready to feel inspired to clean–I guarantee you’ll want to try all of these tricks!

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After cooking on the grill, dampen a paper towel and fold it up. Place it in the grill and put the lid down. The heat will steam the wet towel and when the grill cools you’ll be able to scrub it down so easily!

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In your toilet brush holder, pour in some all purpose cleaner. This will help keep the brush clean. And let me tell you, the last thing you want sitting in your bathroom is a dirty toilet brush!!

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Mrs. Hine’s Class posted this cleaning tip that is such a no-brainer.When you’re finished using your toilet brush, place it under the lid of the seat so that it can drip dry for a little bit. This is an easier and more sanitary way to make sure your toilet brush stays nice and clean.

Broccoli Cupcake posted a tutorial for shining the chrome in your bathroom or kitchen. And the secret cleaning product is a lemon!! I would never have guessed. I hate when my shower heads and sink faucets get that grimy look. Now that I know this trick, I’ll never let that happen again!

Life Cheating suggests cleaning your toilets with Coca-Cola. This is a great way to really deep clean your toilet bowl. The secret to this trick is leaving the Coca-Cola in for several hours. In needs to sit and soak the toilet for a while to really work effectively. However, just be sure to use an antibacterial cleaner also, as Coca-Cola does not have any antibacterial properties.

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 Real Simple says that applying car wax to your gas burning stove top will help eliminate grime build up! This sounds like an awesome trick to me. I hate how dirty my stove gets, and it’s really such a pain to clean it off. With this trick, I won’t have to!

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