The New Drug They Use In Discotheques To RAPE Women. URGENT, Share This News!

There are many rape victims around the world. Not many of them can deal with what happened to them. With all the social media and all things that can be found on the internet, some “smart” guy created this new rape drug circling in the discotheques. The internet is flooded with this information.

Viola easy is the common name used by criminals to call this new very powerful drug. If you normally go to discos, or have children that leave frequently, you need to warn them about this new practice, carried out to steal and rape.

In the last time, specialists and investigators have given alarm signal by a new drug used to rape. It is important to stay informed and to warn our children about it.

Viola Easy is an illegal drug that acts on the body numbing and where the victim loses track of time, space and fully the will.

What is “Easy Viola”?

Viola easy, also called “party drug” or “Rape dating” is the drug Gamma- hydroxybutyrate (GHB). GHB is illegal and is used to increase muscle mass, although it was banned for being associated with a host of diseases, including death.

It may present as liquid, powder or pill and has no smell and taste , which makes it a powerful weapon in the clubs. Numerous cases have been reported where added GHB to drinks at discos and women become easy prey to be raped.


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